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About Us

Why do people use installment loans? Typically, it’s due to the fact that they cannot qualify for a bank loan because the amount they need is too small, or they don’t have good enough credit, or they simply don’t have the time required to wait for a bank’s approval process and many people need to borrow money in order to cover unexpected expenses that always seem to happen at the worst possible time. After all, life happens between paydays.

Who We Are

Infinity Loans® is one of the best-known providers of consumer loans and corresponding financial services. Friendly, customer service is at the core of what we do. We know we are here to serve our customers, and without them we wouldn’t be in business.

Our customers are hard working people who find themselves in need of a critical loan. Infinity Loans® offers a variety of convenient, easily-accessible financial services such as installment loans, title loans, and cash for gold in some locations. We serve customers in five states in our many neighborhood store locations, on our website, and through our professional call center. We are proud of our secure operating systems, our friendly call center, and our track record of hiring and retaining the best employees. Our employees have the opportunity to own a portion of the store they work in, so our customers always get the best service in the industry from someone who already owns, or is aspiring to own, a piece of our company.